[section_title title=”Update Configuration to Match the New VM”]

Now we have to update a few references in config files to point to the new partitions, and update the console configuration.

Update the Drive References

Let’s update the file system table to point to the correct drives. For this we need to change /dev/xvda to /dev/sda, and /dev/xvdb to /dev/sdb1.

sed -i -e 's|/dev/xvda|/dev/sda|g' -e 's|/dev/xvdb|/dev/sdb1|g' /mnt/etc/fstab

Update the Console

Similarly, we need to update the console references.

cp /mnt/etc/init/hvc0.conf /mnt/etc/init/tty0.conf
sed -i -e 's|hvc0|tty0|g' /mnt/etc/init/tty0.conf
mv /mnt/etc/init/hvc0.conf /mnt/etc/init/hvc0.conf.disabled

Turn Off Networking

I also recommend turning off networking for now so the VM boots quicker, but this is optional.

vi /mnt/etc/network/interfaces

Comment out the appropriate lines.

#auto eth0
#iface eth0 inet dhcp

Edit Any Other Files

If you prefer you can also do other things like disable services from starting at boot. Just remember that the root is /mnt/ (so /mnt/etc) and not /etc.

You can also turn off the graphical bootup in the grub config.