This is my way of contributing back to the community. This page lists several projects that I have worked on, and have had time to add document and publish.

CV19Assist: COVID-19 Assistance Effort

In March of this year (2020), when the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic was going into full flux in the US, I, along with other volunteers, started an initiative to help with grocery and other essential item deliveries for at-risk population. With volunteer developers’ help, we launched right away. Later, we successfully concluded this initiative at the end of May once commercial services and grocery stores caught up to the delivery demand surge. This project entry hosts the last remnants of that effort, and the domain now redirects to this page.

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Play Button iTunes Patch

This is a patch for removing the default OS X behavior of always starting iTunes when the play button on the keyboard is pressed. This feature can be useful for a lot of users, but it can also be annoying if you are using VLC or other similar programs that support the media keys.

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Songbird Extensions

My adventure with Songbird and its extension framework has turned up at least one useful extension, who knows what’s to come next.

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Wake-on-LAN for WebOS (Palm Pre)

Wake-on-LAN (WOL) is an application for the Palm WebOS that sends a magic packet to remotely wake up computers and other devices. For more information about WoL please see the wikipedia page for it

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Run From Clipboard++

Run From Clipboard++ (RFC++) is a specialized tool for Windows that lets you quickly execute the clipboard contents. It also takes care of removing any newlines that might prevent the command from running successfully. If a command can’t be executed even after removing newlines then it shows a form that allows you to quickly modify the command and execute again.

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RFS Explorer

RFS Explorer is a C# .Net based graphical user interface for exploring (read-only) ReiserFS based partitions in Microsoft Windows. RFS Explorer is based on the popular command line tool called rfstool and supports dragging and dropping of files into other programs. There are other GUIs available but this has the added touch of multithreading so the interface doesn’t lock up while we are waiting on rfstool to finish copying large files.

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