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Windows' Mouse Control Panel Applet

I really like the new Windows Vista mouse cursors, so much that I have switched all my computers, including the ones running Windows XP, to use them. They are awesome until you have to Remote Desktop to the computer, when, depending on your connection speed, the cursors can really slow down the mouse movement. This presented a challenge because not only did I not want to go through the control panel applet to change it back to the Windows Default scheme but also because changing cursors would be painstakingly slow due to the slow mouse movement. So, off I went to figure out how I could automate this.

I have not been able to find any good articles on the internet that explain how you can change cursors. This especially becomes a challenge if you have to change the cursors back to the “Windows Default” scheme, which is what I had to do. This article gives you an overview of how the cursors are organized and how you can go about applying cursors schemes.

Considering that I now use AutoHotkey for most of my shortcuts and automation, it made sense that this would be just another AHK script. Therefore, this article shows everything in the AHK syntax but don’t worry because it is not much different than most of the other languages.