Droid Razr Maxx

I just read that Tech Crunch had a post showing the Motorola Droid Razr HD pictures. Most of the specs aren’t something that we haven’t seen already, but what did catch my eye was the battery size. The rumor is that it will have a 3,300mAh battery! Compare that to the 2,100mAh battery that the current Samsung Galaxy S3 has.

According to this post if the S3 with it’s screen set to 50% brightness lasts about 8h:26m then this phone should last about 13h:15m (3300/2100 * 8.43 = 13.25). That’s generally the most that I can get out of my S2 (1,650mAh batterY) with it’s screen off!

I hate the fact that whenever I use my phone to it’s fullest (e.g. using GPS) my first concern ends up being the battery life. So, I am very happy to see that manufacturers are finally starting to pay attention to the battery life.

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