Play Button iTunes Patch GUI app is live!

Other than some dabbling in Objective-C, this is my first Objective-C based OS X GUI application so it took some learning and it took longer than I had hoped. I started with Apple’s new Swift programming language, but quickly decided to switch to Objective-C because some of the system-level needs for this app were much easier in and better documented for Objective-C.

In addition to having an actual user interface the application now checks for Xcode command line tools, allows user to install it, and supports much better logging for helping diagnose any issues.

At one point I also started integrating the Sparkle framework for updates, but decided it wasn’t worth the time investment because this patch is a once per OS X upgrade app that doesn’t need to be installed in the user’s Application folder. I might eventually add a simple HTTP-based version check, but it’s not a high priority.

Checkout the project page for more details and access to the source code.

New GUI Application!

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