If you talk to anyone that has interacted with me on the entrepreneurship front you will learn that I am a big fan of the E-Myth Revisited book by Michael Gerber.  I really like this book, and especially like the three roles that it defines.  I have blogged about it in the past, but there is one thing that I don’t like about it: i.e. calling one of the roles the “technician.”

The title of this role has bugged me ever since I have read this book, but it wasn’t enough for me to go searching.  Interestingly, on January 16th, I finally ran into someone that had the same issue!

I subscribe to Dan Martell’s newsletter.  He creates great videos and in one of the episodes, he brings up the three roles.  He was talking about these and mentions the technician role, but then goes on to say that he likes to call it “the Artist.”  AAahh, the artist!!  Yes, Dan, I also like it and I am going to start calling it the artist instead of the technician as well.  Thank you, Dan!

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