Well, I spent quite a lot of time today trying to merge two DataSet that were created from reading two exact XML files. Supposedly ReadXML() function should also build the relationship and setup the primary/foreign keys but from experience that wasn’t the case. This time luck was on my side since the parent row in my case had only one property and additionally I was doing an XSL transformation to create the XML that was read in. So I just modified the XSL to include the one property in the child rows and there I was, ready to move on!

Later in the day I attended the GLUGnet meeting and saw a presentation about Microsoft Reporting Services presented by by Alex Lowe of Micrsoft. And guess what? I won a copy of the ".Net – A Complete Development Cycle" book. They were also giving away a copy of Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition! I wanted that so bad because that would have provided me with the budget for a tablet PC! 🙂 But anything is better than nothing, eh?!

I have wanted a Tablet PC pretty bad for quite some time but haven’t been able to justify the ~$2,400 price tag! A little more time and I might be able to justify the cost, or hey maybe I will get to review one!!! 🙂


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