A few days ago while looking around for the shorcuts to the immediate window I found out that Visual Studio .Net 2003 supports incremental searches! CTRL+I and CTLR+SHIFT+I triggers the incremental search. So far I have found it to be very useful when jumping around the code (I am used to the ‘/’ searching in VIM and Firefox) and thought I would bring it up.

For those of you who do not what incremental search is… incremental search searches for words as you type… so pressing CTRL+I and then ‘w’ will find the first occurrence of ‘a’ after the cursor, then ‘h’ will find the first occurrence of ‘wh’, then ‘i’ will find ‘whi’, and so on. The good thing about this mode is that you don’t use the find dialog box, so its becomes very handy.

Now go and start searching! 🙂

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