Past few months I have been really interested in personal development because, first this is an area that most people would never consider improving, and secondly this is something that I can really improve on. By personal development I am referring to skills that do not relate directly to our career, which in my case would be things other than programming, software architecture, etc. Some time ago during my visit to Madison (Wisconsin) I saw that my brother’s employer
gave him a book called "7 Habbits of Highly Effective People." So just out of curiosity I started read the first few pages and found it to be very interesting. Interesting enough that I decided to pick up a copy for my flight back to Lansing (Michigan).

So far I have read through almost the first half of the book (been very busy taking care of things at work and personal projects) and I think its a book that everyone should read. The basics behind most of the things that Stephen Covey has pointed out so far are pretty simple and some are just plain "common sense."

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