After spending quite some time trying to get WebDAV to work I finally gave up and decided to try out some other alternatives. We have already spent too much time on this very small budget project so its important that we finish this ASAP (plus the client wants also wants us to finish up). So I started looking at alternatives and talked to one of our (Artemis Solutions Group) support engineers. He suggested looking into ExMerge, a program for merging Exchange "mailbox" data. I checked it out and seems like it will do what we are looking for.

A referesher on what I am trying to do: In simple very terms I am trying to move tasks matching a certain criteria from one user’s folder to another. This sounds very simple and I was thinking it would be simple but believe me it is not!

Back to ExMerge… ExMerge supports two different ways of merging mailbox data: one is a single-step process in which it takes a source and exports it to the same users’ mailbox on another Exchange server, and the second is a two-step process in which it produces an intermediary PST file which later, as a second step, can be merged with another mailbox. The first method will not work in my case because that limits the export to the same user on another server (as far as I know, I might be wrong on details).

The second method is exactly what I am looking for. It takes a source mailbox (you can specify the actual folder that you want to merge, for instance "Tasks"), a filter that specifies the items that you would like to export and create a PST file. The filter is limited to the subject of the items and attachments, where applicable, but thats all I need. The PST file will then be imported into the other user’s Tasks folder, again using ExMerge. From reading the documentation it looks like I should be able to do everything through the "command line" utility which I will be firing through ASP.Net so that will be interesting. Let’s see how this all works out tomorrow. I will do another post on what I finally end up doing and maybe a tutorial later down the road.

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