I haven’t blogged in the last few days because I am in process of making a decision that will change everything for me. For the last two months I have been thinking about the future a lot and I have finally decided to move to Madison, Wisconsin. Madison, because my brother is working there for Epic Systems Corporation and my family wants us to live together. There is a very good chance that I will get a job with Epic Systems and I have already started the process. On the home front I have given the notice to my current employer, Artemis Solutions Group. Basically this week I have to finish up the things that I am working on and then I will be transferring my knowledge to my replacement in the first few days of the next week (a week before what I had planned originally). This will be the end of my short but very exciting and learning career at Artemis.

I guess the extra week is good because my parents are in Lansing and I would definitely like to spend more time with them. I will also be preparing everything for the move (i.e. packing :)) which I had originally planned for the evenings after work. I actually think this timeline will be easier on me, because I also need to finish up things that I am currently working on for Periscan.

Looking back, one thing is for sure, you realize what you had once you leave it (well, I still have a few days to go but I can image :-/). I have been lucky with every job that I have had, in that I have had the best people to work with and the best environments to work in (hopefully this will continue). I am the kind of person that usually just goes with the flow (in this case moving to Wisconsin without even thinking twice) but my current job at Artemis and the side project with Periscan has made me think again and again. Both Artemis and Periscan have some of the best engineers, business men and "people" that are always excited about technology.

In fact I believe Artemis is one of those exceptional companies that is always on the lookout for new things and ways that will help their customers achieve their goals. I know you are probably saying, aren’t they all? Yes, every company wants to be in such a position, but very few actually achieve such a goal, and Artemis is one of those few. Not only it is one of the very few companies that is highly involved with the community, Artemis also encourages us to participate in open source projects. Furthermore Artemis has started a new open source initiative as a way of giving back to the online community (look forward to a web part that helps you join SharePoint lists, more on this another day).

I think you get the idea… Now you are probably thinking, "if its that good then why leave it?" Well, there are reason; the biggest one being, I am very dependent on my family and we need to stick together. But thats not all, tomorrow I will blog about whats in store for me… 🙂

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