Since this website is now being hosted remotely I started thinking about alternate purposes for the box that was hosting it before. A few things that I came up with was a DVR and a FreeNX server. FreeNX is an X compression program that is supposed to let you remotely use X at a much faster rate than the current VNC, remote X, etc.

So excited about the DVR idea yesterday I went ahead and bought the Hauppauge WinTV Go Plus and installed it in the box (nope, haven’t touched the software part yet). Later that night after a few changes to sources.list I upgraded the box from Debian Woody to Sid so I could install FreeNX and MythTV.

FreeNX installation was easy but the hard part was the stuff after install. Kalyxo provides debian packages for FreeNX but thats where it all stops. After looking around on google I was able to get the everything going by:

  1. Adding the user to the NX server (`nxserver –help` for more info),
  2. Copying the client license (client.id_dsa.key) from the server to client (to `C:\Program Files\NX Client for Windows\share` on the Windows machine),
  3. And finally running through the connection setup wizard on the client

Going through these steps I was able to connect to the server but now after going through all the connection/authentication stuff it started showing a black screen. Looking through the configuration on the client I changed the target GUI to Gnome instead of the previously selected KDE and it started working. Now I just have to figure out whats going on with the KDE since thats the environment I prefer.

As far as MythTV is concerned I haven’t done much other than adding the sources for MythTV to sources.list. Since I don’t have any monitor that I can hook up to this computer (yup, one desktop no monitor) its important that I setup FreeNX first so I enjoy all the eye candy 🙂

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