My job starts in March and right now I don’t have too much that remains on my plate till then (i.e. almost everything is optional, nothing required). So I have had a lot of time to think about things, things that I guess most of the people (including myself) don’t usually think about during their "normal" life because there is always something to do. The first thing that came to mind was, why live 😕 Don’t get me wrong, I am not a suicidal!

A long lesson in my history… Both of my parents are educated, both of my brothers are good at their studies so at least until my bachelors the plans had already been laid out (had to do it). I was lucky enough to find interest in computers in the early days of my life and later didn’t have to think too much about what I wanted to do when I started college.

The real twist comes after I graduated from college. I guess according to most of the influential people around me the required education is Bachelors, anything after that is your choice and isn’t really either a big plus or a minus. So the natural thing for me to do was to start working since the apparent risk factor in that was the least. Luckily my skills and a few friends landed me a job right by home which started a week after I graduated!

After a little friction at that job and a few flashy lights from all directions I quit that job with the justification that I wanted to pursue my masters degree. This was the start of my fairly slow "awakening" to the real world. Again I started studying for the GRE, going with the next easiest decision without putting too much effort or thought into it. During this time I actually applied to a few places as a backup and luckily got an offer right after I took the GRE but before I got the results back. Interestingly this job was again right in town and too good for me to refuse especially because the masters scene wasn’t as exciting and rewarding in the short term. So I went with it! To cut the long story short a few months later I have jumped another job to my hopefully final job for the next few years.

While you are reading this you may be asking, whats the point, why changing so many jobs? Exactly! What is the point? Honestly, I don’t know; and that’s what the actual problem is. Up until graduation I knew what I had to do: get a bachelors but after that there was a big gapping hole, a humongous colorless blob! I guess normaly other "clueless" people like me would have switched fewer jobs but I have been described as a "fast-paced" person, therefore the higher number.

Back to where I was… "Why live?" Some people put this as "Whats the purpose of my (your) life?" Quick answer, from what I have learned to this day: sooner or later you will have to come up with a purpose for your life. I guess the basic fact of 

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