One thing I missed the most in Pakistan was sleep. Because of all the happenings and the jet lag I usually got only a few hours of sleep during the week that I was on ground. Add to that only around eight hours of sleep during the thrity-eight hour travel time. So now I back and have started catching up but the missed sleep and the jet lag is making things a little tougher than expected.

Saturday night I slept from 11pm to 6am, got really sleepy again around 11:30am on Sunday and ended up going to bed. I bet I could have slept till 10pm but after trying for 20 minutes my brother woke me up around 4:45pm, adding another five hours to my sleep.

10:20pm, I am sleepy again so I go to bed. In what felt like eight hours I wake up again but looking at the clock its only 11:30pm! After trying for a few minutes I give up and start to take care of some random items on my to-do list. Here I am now, 2:20am and still no sign of sleep. This will make tomorrow interesting because its the first day of my new job. Talk about first impressions! 🙁

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