I am starting to dislike T-Mobile. They have the best plans (even if you are out of their local coverage area) but I am starting to see a lot of problems with what they say and what they actually do. First of all they started charging for international text messaging which used to be free, without any obvious notice. I say that because even though they did send a paper saying that "they charge $0.15 for international text message" with the bill when they started charging but that paper was just like all the other advertisements that they include in their bills and not an obvious notice.

Other than that they usually can’t keep track of exceptions. Exceptions like the $200 cancellation fee for the second line, which I just saw on this months bill. I was told that they wouldn’t charge any cancellation fees because I had moved out of their coverage area and one of the operators had already told me that they wouldn’t. Even after talking to them and going through their cancellation department, letting every operator that came in the way know about that fact, they still charged me the $200. Now I am going to have to take 20 minutes tomorrow and take care of this. This is just annoying! Hopefully they will take the $200 off otherwise I will be really, really angry! 🙁

To add to the list of bad things about T-Mobile: a friend of mine just moved from Chicago (IL) to Madison (WI) and had T-Mobile. Just to make sure that all her free minutes would still work she talked to the T-Mobile customer service representatives; in fact she told me that she asked two reps and they both said that everything would still be the same. During that time I was actually looking for another plan and she was bragging that her T-Mobile was still working. So I called T-Mobile and asked them and the rep told me that the free minutes would still work!

Guess what happened when the bill for the month came? They had counted each and every minute that was supposed to be free. I am not saying that they shouldn’t have charged, all I am saying that they should have at least give out the correct information. Luckily I hadn’t cancelled my current account and signed another contract by then. So you better watch out because T-Mobile isn’t always telling you what they will end up doing!


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