Screenshot of K3b's writing dialog at the end of the burning

I thought this was worth blogging about. Today my Windows installation started to give me some problems right when I was creating a playlist of songs to burn to a CD. I did not want to spend any time trying to it get it back in a good condition so I booted into Arch Linux and continued with playlist creation. After I was done with selecting the songs it hit me, how was I going to burn? I have never burned a CD in linux before, ever! No idea what software to use, how to convert the MP3s to WAV

So much for time saving, huh? Now hold on! I went and did a quick google on my options and found out that the audio player that I was using (amaroK) had a good integration with K3b, the KDE CD/DVD burning program. So I su’d in konsole and did ‘pacman -S k3b’ to install K3b, and a minute later K3b showed up in the KDE Menu under the Multimedia program group. After running K3b I went to the "Settings" menu, entered the root password, looked at what it presented, and clicked "Apply." Then I restarted K3b so the settings could take affect (just to make sure). Afterwards I selected the songs in amaroK that I was going to burn, right clicked, and selected "Burn" > "Selected Tracks as Audio CD." And what do you know, the songs were in K3b’s Audio CD project in the correct order!

Off to the next step, clicking the "Burn" button. So I clicked the button and after about 10 minutes it said that the burning was successful! Very excited, I went and put the CD in the CD player to see if it actually worked; and guess what? It did! I think this was very cool, it all worked without any glitches and the whole process was very simple. I didn’t even have to worry about converting the MP3s to WAV files.

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