You can download the beta here.

Last few days I have been working on a GUI for the rfstool which allows you to browse ReiserFS filesystems on Microsoft Windows. The only thing is that after I started working on the project I found out that there were already two GUIs for it! So I went and checked out the more friendly looking one and realized that the GUI would freeze up as rfstool was copying large files in the background. This made me think that this would be a good time to learn some multithreading in Windows Forms and make my version large-file-friendly :). Anyways now you can download the first beta of the application. In addition to multithreading I added irregularly shaped "About" form just for fun 😀

In addition to a few things I still to need add the credits for the icons. Below a screenshot of the main form and I will posting the source once I clean it up a little and add some more comments 🙂

Screenshot of the main form

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