Just a quick update on what’s going on. Basically as usual I have a million things going on at once. Last weekend I replaced the debian installation on the "be all" machine, called exhilarator, with ArchLinux because I wanted to install most of the new stuff (now called "dreamer"! :)). Other than that I have I have been thinking of finalizing RFS Explorer but my brother’s laptop has started giving him problems so he stole mine. Actually I let him take it because I have been spending most of my time on dreamer and configuring it as a MythTV box (after all it is the "be all" box, right? :D).

Anyways, I just learned about the ‘screen’ program in linux. It is a very cool utility and you should definitely check it out! Basically it is the "visual" version of the "jobs" command that is part of most of the shells. You start a new ‘screen’ by running ‘screen’ and once you have started a long task, or just something that you want to keep running but would like to get back to at a later time (e.g. irssi 🙂 ), you can deactivate the screen by pressing CTRL-A,D. Once deactivated you can go back to it by typing ‘screen -r ‘ if you have just one screen, or ‘screen -r <PID>’ if you have multiple screens. You can use ‘screen -list’ to get a list of screens. It’s awesome, check it out!

2005-06-20: Below are some more useful ‘screen’ links:

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