I am proud to anounce to that after spending long hard hours, I have a beta version of the new site. With the new site, also comes the new host, new content, and new identity: The Bit Guru! That’s right!

From now on I am the bit guru 🙂 I thought of the new identity after I had done the site design so you can expect the logos and a few things to change in the near future. Some things that you can expect after I have taken my GMAT:

  • Run From Clipboard (RFC) will be published. RFC is another small .Net based utility that basically does exactly what it says, runs the contents of the clipboard. There a few added spins; like removing new lines, you konw for the times when the URL or URI spans multiple lines in an e-mail.
  • Review of the Creative Zen Vision:M
  • More product reviews
  • I am debating getting a Tablet PC, so discussions about that will also be coming up.

Some minor things on the technical side:

  • The site is valid XHTML 1.0
  • The site is valid CSS with some warnings that I haven’t had time to eliminate
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