MS Word displaying a field code

A few days ago I noticed that somehow the links and images that I was putting in my e-mails and MS Word documents were changing into { HYPERLINK "" } or similar texts. I put up with it for a few days but then it became annoying enough that I had to find a solution. After some research I found out that somehow Word’s configuration was changed to display the “Field codes.” To bring it back to the original state, I had to uncheck “Field codes” on the “View” tab of the options.

To turn off field codes: Tools menu, Options menu, Uncheck Field codes

On a second note, I was looking around for finding a way of deleting every other line in Vim to clean up a text file that I generated. Guess what I found out about, the normal command. To accomplish my specific goal I had to run :%normal jdd or the shorter version :%norm jdd; which deleted every other line. The normal command executes everything after it as a “normal” command, which in this case is, go down one line and dd, or in other words, delete it. That is just one way of using the normal command. I am excited to make this discovery because I can see myself utilizing this command in so many other ways. If you are curious, this is where I found about this specific command. Vim is truly an awesome editor!

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