ActiveSync showing the successful synchronization with Exchange

After I accidentally deleted one of my key notifications using MemMaid I spent quite some time trying to get it back. Several days of unsuccessful attempts passed and I finally decided that I would hard reset and start from scratch. Yesterday I started from scratch and setup all the programs. In the midst of the overhaul I accidentally messed up the appointments that I had synchronized with Exchange. So, now I was ten steps ahead and eight steps back! Now looking for ways to completely clear out the Pocket Outlook database so I could resynchronize with the Exchange server and get everything back to normal.

I spent the last hour or so looking around for ways to do this, which ranged from deleting all items on the desktop (not something that I felt comfortable with) to finding programs that were written specifically for deleting things. Finally, a few minutes ago I found a solution here, which worked perfectly. Basically, it seems that all your contacts, appointments and tasks are stored in a file called pim in the root folder of the device. To clear everything, you have to either delete or rename this file, and soft-reset the device. The next time that the device starts, you will have a fresh (i.e. empty) database for contacts, appointments and tasks. All I had to do after that was setup the Exchange source and synchronize!

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