The X60 Tablet

The last few weeks have been fairly crazy, mostly just working and studying. I am guessing another few weeks and everything will be back to normal. The weather has been pretty awesome this weekend, closer to seventy. I saw quite a few bikes out over the weekend, which was very tempting but I patiently continued worked hard so I wouldn’t fall back on things that need more attention.

According to UPS package tracking, the tablet PC left Oak Creek for Madison Saturday morning. Oak Creek is only about hour and a half away so I am pretty sure that it is sitting somewhere is Middleton waiting to be delivered tomorrow. I could have called UPS yesterday and picked it up but I am going to have to wait till at least Monday before I can do that. Why? Because I found a coupon yesterday that would save me about four hundred dollars on the exact same machine. So, I wanted to call Lenovo and make sure that I could use that on the unit that they have already shipped me, because if they say no then I will probably have to return this and place another order. Lenovo charges 15% restocking fee for opened items. I don’t see why they won’t just adjust the price on the already shipped unit but I didn’t want to waste that much money on some unexpected policy :-/

Oh, and I briefly went to Best Buy yesterday and decided to check on the price for upgrading the Vista Business that was coming with the tablet to Vista Ultimate, guess how much the upgrade costs? $259.99+tax!! I was expecting upgrades within Vista, i.e. Home > Business or Business > Ultimate, to be cheaper but I guess the versions are already complicated enough that adding another pricing tier probably wouldn’t be worth their time.

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