As my responsibilities are growing at my job I am seeing a very critical need for a better task tracking and time management system. There are several things that make this very challenging.

  • Changing priorities, a.k.a. moving targets
  • Unpredictable additions of tasks. i.e. several new tasks are added as the day proceeds
  • Not much estimates of the time that the current tasks might take
  • My nature of not easily saying no to new things that come my way

To add to that, my responsibilities at home have also grown tremendously. This is mainly because I have been managing all of the finances, and as the income sources and expenses are increasing so is the complexity. Add to that the fact that I am working on my MBA, which means that I also have to plan for the tuition and other related expenses.

Considering all this, my goal for this week is to research ways that I can track my tasks and implement a better system. I have also been discussing this with my team lead at work who is also cooperating in my pursuit for a better management system. I will post further updates as I make progress.

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