Zune 80GB

I have had the Creative Zen Vision:M 30GB for a while now and I like it very much. The only problem that I have had is it’s capacity. My collection is now reaching upwards to 45GB and I would like to have all of that available. So, I have been looking around for a while and the most obvious choice is the new iPod Classic, but recently I have heard a lot about the new Zune. I am looking only at the mainstream players because these generally have a good set of accessories available, most important of which to me are the cases. I have been comparing the Zune 80GB with the 80GB iPod Classic and I have finally decided on the Zune 80GB. Below are a few thoughts.

  • For me the biggest advantage with Zune was the wireless syncing. How good this will actually work out is still remaining to be seen. I am anxious to see how the syncing will work because ideally I would like to be able to sync it with a Samba share; I don’t expect it to work out of the box but I am willing to do some reverse engineering to get it to work 🙂
  • FM Tuner is useful at times.
  • For me the bigger screen is more of a disadvantage since most of the times I am only listening to music and the bigger screen means shorter battery life.
  • I have recently bought the in-ear Griffin TuneBuds and I have fell in love with these. The in-ear style delivers very nice sound and they don’t fall off as easily, which is especially important at places like the gym. Zune 80GB comes with the Zune Premium headphones which I am expecting to be similar if not better.

I should be getting it around November 23rd so I will do further posts about it around then.

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