Command prompt showing the uptime

The stability of my ArchLinux based file server has been easy to measure because it generally stays running all the time. The longest I have had it running without a reboot is about 120 days or four months, when I had to shutdown it down because I had to move! I have never had to test the stability of the Windows machine because I generally turn it off when I am done since I can easily boot it remotely. This doesn’t apply to my Windows XP based computer at work because there are times when I have to access it from home from where Wake On LAN isn’t an option so I generally have the computer running all the time.

Recently I had to restart the computer after installing VMWare when I decided to check the uptime. I looked at the output of net stats server and was pleased to see that the computer had been running without any slowdown or issues for about 38 days! This is after all the customizations that I have done; things like GeoShell, AutoHotKey, fully loaded Firefox & Foobar, UltraMon, TaskSwitchXP, and a gazillion other programs. I was a little sad to restart it at this point knowing that it would reset the counter but I had to restart 🙂 Anyways, the point is that once you have a system setup just the way you want, Windows XP can handle it without any problems.

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