Screenshot of the Printers applet showing the new printer

Sometimes I have to send Microsoft Word documents to other people that might not have MS Word or not have the fonts that I used. PDF seems an ideal format in these cases but I did not want to pay for the full-fledged Acrobat to get this ability. So, I started looking on the internet for a free PDF printer and found two good options.

  1. CutePDF Writer
    • I ended up choosing this because it outputs a little better image quality than the BullZip PDF Writer. The down side is that the file will be a little larger than the BullZip output.
    • This puts a producer property of “GPL Ghostscript 8.60”.
  2. BullZip PDF Writer
    • This seems like an excellent PDF writer but I noticed that the image output wasn’t as fine as the CutePDF writer but the output file size was smaller. For my needs the image quality was important so I went with CutePDF but if you are looking for smaller size then this is a very good option.
    • This also puts a producer property “Bullzip PDF Printer / / Freeware Edition (not registered)” which CutePDF does not.
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