I have been hearing a lot about Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). The samples that Microsoft has shown are very interesting and exciting. So, I finally decided to try it out myself. I wanted to come up with a simple, but useful project so that I could spend more time on the User Interface (UI). After a few clicks I decided to write a program to deal with the permission errors (Destination Folder Access Denied) in Windows Vista.

If you have dealt with this issue previously then you would know that the solution is fairly simple. To make this a little bit more challenging I decided to use the System.Security classes instead of writing a front-end to takeown and icacls commands. Going this route would expose me to Windows’ permission structure and its inner workings.

Well, I finally have the first version of the program ready. I am calling it “Allow Me!” I wanted to make this a fun exercise, and have something for comparison. So, I first wrote the back-end objects and a very plain, simple, and not-very-user-friendly UI. Below is a screen shot of this version.

The first, unattractive user interface for Allow Me!

This version utilizes data binding, but not many templates or such customizations. The next step is to beef it up with styles; or begin what I think of as the “designer phase.” The above version is what I will be using for comparison with the end product. Let’s see how this experiment goes.

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