Device Manager

I have a Linux server running all the time so I prefer to turn off my main desktop when I am not using it. Instead what I do is SSH to the server and have it send a WOL packet to wake up the desktop. Previously I would turn off my desktop when I was done, but lately I have been hibernating it because this way I can get working quicker. Anyways, I noticed that when the computer is hibernating it wouldn’t wake up, but when I would shut it down then it would work perfectly. Weird. After some research I realized that Windows has its own setting for allowing a network card to wake up the computer, and this setting is disabled by default.

Device Properties showing the checkbox (this should be checked)

To allow a card to wake up the computer you have to enable this in the network card settings. To do this go to the device manager: Start Menu > Search for “Device Manager.” In Device Manager right click on your network card under “Network Adapters” and click properties. If your network card has power management features then you should see “Power Management” tab at the top of the properties window. Go to that tab and check “Allow this device to wake the computer.”

From now on you should be able to wake up your computer using the WOL feature even when it is hibernating.

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