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Yesterday I upgraded to Firefox 3.5 and noticed that my saved passwords didn’t show up. Instead it had a new “password store,” i.e. the ones that I was saving now were working fine, but the ones from 3.0 were lost. After some research I ended up on this post. So, Firefox 3.5 uses an sqlite database (signons.sqlite) to save passwords while 3.0 used a plain text file (signons3.txt). The normal upgrade process would have migrated your passwords correctly, but in my case I had Minefield (Firefox’s dev version) installed before the developers got around to creating the migration script. So, I had signons.sqlite by the time I upgraded to the official release, which ended up leaving that as-is. Anyways to fix this…

  1. Go to your profile folder %APPDATA%/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/xxxxxxxx.default/
  2. Make sure there is signons3.txt in this folder. This is your passwords files from Firefox 3.0.
  3. Close any open Firefox windows.
  4. Backup signons.sqlite somewhere and remove it from this folder.
  5. Restart Firefox.

This should recreate signons.sqlite and your passwords should be recovered. Have fun.

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