My new OCZ Rally2 8GB Dual Channel Flash Drive showed up today. It is a dual channel drive and I wanted to see what speeds it would give me. So, here a few numbers that I got from two of my computers.

Description Write Read
Laptop, one 1.11GB file 9.11MB/sec 30MB/sec
Desktop, one 1.11GB file 7.67MB/sec 35MB/sec
Desktop, multiple smaller files (138MB total) 2.59MB/sec 35MB/sec

My older USB flash drive gives me 4.50MB/second write speed and 21.68MB/second read speed. An even older one does around 6.81MB/second (!!) read with 4.85MB/second write. So, for reading the dual channel drive might be worth the extra price.

OCZ Rally2 8GB drive

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