Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

I have recently been training for my private pilot license. As part of the whole experience, I also setup a simple flight simulator using Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. It has been a good supplement for my training, definitely not the same experience, but it can help with better understanding VOR navigation and other similar concepts. I haven’t run the simulator in about a month and a half, and when I started it up I got an error message saying that there was some mandatory update that I needed to install from the Microsoft Store. Going to the store didn’t show any updates so I had to do some digging to figure our what was going on.

After browsing through some forums, I learned that it’s not the Simulator that’s causing the problem, but rather the Xbox app. To fix this, I uninstalled the Xbox apps because I don’t use them anyways and then launched Simulator again without any problems.

If you run into this problem then I would suggest uninstall, and possibly reinstalling, the Xbox app. To do this, go to Start > Settings > Apps & features > search for Xbox under the installed apps. Uninstall the Xbox apps and then rerun the Flight Simulator. Enjoy!

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