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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 – Mandatory Update Required

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

I have recently been training for my private pilot license. As part of the whole experience, I also setup a simple flight simulator using Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. It has been a good supplement for my training, definitely not the same experience, but it can help with better understanding VOR navigation and other similar concepts. I haven’t run the simulator in about a month and a half, and when I started it up I got an error message saying that there was some mandatory update that I needed to install from the Microsoft Store. Going to the store didn’t show any updates so I had to do some digging to figure our what was going on.

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psycopg2 on El Capitan

2015-11-22: Actually, looks like I was wrong. /usr/local is NOT protected by System Integrity Protection. I am leaving this post here just for reference, but your user should be able to overwrite and change files in /usr/local. To fix the original issue run: brew link --overwrite postgresql

OS X El Capitan introduced System Integrity Protection (SIP) that broke a lot of programs which required system level changes. If you do any type of postgresql development and use homebrew then likely /usr/local/lib/libpq.5.dylib is outdated. This could result in errors like the one below…

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PostgreSQL not starting after Yosemite upgrade?

You had brewed PostgreSQL and can’t get it to start after the Yosemite upgrade? Check the logs and see if you get the following error.

FATAL:  could not open directory "pg_tblspc": No such file or directory

If so, then you need to create a few directories that went missing as part of the upgrade.

cd /usr/local/var/postgres
mkdir pg_tblspc pg_twophase pg_stat_tmp

After running the above commands try starting PostgreSQL and it should start. Thanks to this Stack Overflow post for the details.

Something went wrong

"Something went wrong" dialog

I was recently installing Office 365 Pro Plus on a new PC when I unintentionally accepted a restart prompt from another program resulting in the computer restarting. After the computer booted back up I tried to restart the Office install, but it kept refusing saying that “Office can’t do that right now because your product is busy with another task. Please wait for this task to complete and try again.”

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Play Button iTunes Patch now supports OS X Mountain Lion

Thanks to user48986 at AskDifferent I was able to update Play Button iTunes Patch to support OS X Mountain Lion. Head over to the project page for the updated download.

Random Slowdown of Browsers in OS X Mountain Lion

Recently I noticed a random slowdown of browsing speed. I first thought that it was my browser, Google Chrome, that was the culprit. So, I switch to Safari, but that behaved similarly. I switched to Firefox, which, at first, seemed to be much faster, but after a bit of use it started slowing down randomly.

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Getting Samsung Update to work on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Tablet showing an update being applied

I recently bought the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. The very first thing that I generally do with my devices is to check for any firmware/software updates. So, that’s what I did with the tablet… Settings > About > System Updates > Update…and to my surprise I got an error claiming “Wrong Password.” So, I went to the Samsung website and was able to login to my account there with the same password. I still reset my password and tried again with the same result. Afterwards, I tried a few different passwords and finally found one where I started getting another error “Processing failed.”

After some searching I found out that the tab connects to a service that has a separate account than the online account, and further searching revealed that I have to manually add the Samsung account before this will start working.

So, here is what you have to do.

Settings > Accounts & Sync > Add Account > Samsung account

Once you add the Samsung account through the above menu then go back and try updating. It should work now. Enjoy!

Play Button iTunes Patch DOES work on OS X Lion

After some research I am concluding that my Play Button iTunes Patch DOES work on OS X Lion. The patched file is replaced by the upgrade process so you will have to re-run to patch the latest file.

Please let me know if you experience otherwise.

2011-08-18 fa: Users have confirmed that the patch works OK in OS X Lion.

Executing a lot of SQL queries with Django’s db API? Watch out for one thing.

I recently had the need to write an indexer that processes a lot of text files and creates a huge number of database rows (19 million+). This is a background script for an internal django website so I ended up using the standard django psycopg2 library, but tried to minimize the overhead by executing queries directly using the db cursor. Even after this consideration and special ‘del’ statements to clean things out after regular intervals, to my surprise, the process was still taking up a lot of memory. So, I tweeted about this experience. Daniele Varrazzo, one of the authors of psycopg2, tweeted back with more info.

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Boot Camp Windows running slow in VMware Fusion?

VMware Fusion Logo

Lately my Boot Camp based Windows instance had slowed down to a crawl. Booting it would take a few minutes and everything after I had logged in was just as painstakingly slow. So, after a few minutes of searching I ended up on this suggestion. Guess what? That brought things back to life. Boot up time went back to the more expected quicker time and programs started responding.

So, delete the VMware Fusion folder in ~/Library/Application Support/ while VMware is not running, restart VMware, let it create Boot Camp related setup and boot windows. You are good to go!