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Impressed by Amazon’s Thoughtfulness

Amazon Prime

Yesterday I got a package from Amazon that I had requested overnight shipping on. At first sight it wasn’t anything unexpected, but when I opened the box I was surprised. I was surprised because along with the overnight shipped item, in a different session, I had also ordered another item with regular Amazon Prime shipping. To my surprise both the items were shipped overnight in the same box. Now that’s just awesome! Go you, Amazon!

Subtle details

I love it when I see programmers and designers going above and beyond and paying attention to the small details. One feature that recently caught my eye were the browser icons (or favicon) used by Google Calendar (and Gmail).

Gmail and Google Calendar conveying useful information through their favicon

Note how the blue Google Calendar icon actually has today’s date instead of some random number. Left of it is the Gmail icon showing the unread mail count. In order to get this functionality in Gmail you have enable the “Unread message icon by Manu C.”

Google folks, keep up the good work! 🙂

Look what I found!

Look what I found in Dollhouse. A Penguin!

I found a Penguin in Dollhouse :)