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Shady T-Mobile Comparison

T-Mobile comparing Galaxy S3, on a 4G connection, to Verizon iPhone, a 3G device.

This is just not cool. T-Mobile is comparing a Samsung Galaxy S3 on a 4G connection to a Verizon iPhone, which only supports 3G. What’s even worst is that they classify this as a 4G connection comparison. Seriously, T-mobile, you are being shady to the extreme.

I am currently on Sprint, and I am in the market for a better service provider (slow data speeds). I was looking at T-Mobile for a bit, but such shady marketing practices just screams trouble down the road.

Honestly, I am sad at the current state of carriers in the US. I was pretty much settled on Verizon, but their recent practice of locking the boot loader on the S3 really disappointed me.