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Biggest problem

First of all, the biggest issue that I have encountered with the Pre is its battery life. So far my usage has required almost a daily recharge. This gets even worse when I use the GPS functionality, I pretty much have to have a charger. This isn’t the device for you if you are used to phones with batteries that last two to three days.

I would have liked to use the Pre as a music player, but given the already bad battery life and the affect of playing music on the battery life, I have decided that I would rather have a phone that will make calls when I need to 🙂

Build quality – OK

Many people have complained about the build quality. It does seem weak, but after the first month I am not as worried about having many issues. The Oreo effect issue is still a concern, but I am always very careful with my devices anyways and so far it hasn’t been an issue.

Speaker phone – Could be better

The speaker phone on the device is a little weaker than I would have liked, especially in car with all the background noise. I recently discovered that I can easily route the sound through my car speakers using the auxiliary input so I am not too concerned about the speaker phone in that specific setting.

General impression of the signal strength – Comparable

So far I haven’t been in a place where my brother’s Sprint Blackberry Pearl had a signal and my Pre didn’t (or had a better signal). Given this experience I am concluding that the radio on the Pre is very comparable to other phones. As always, your mileage may vary.