[section_title title=Minor things, and Sprint]

Phantom Skinz – A must

This is more of a suggestion for the user. Devices like the Pre and iPhone must be covered using one of the available skins. I went with Phantom Skinz for my Pre after researching the available options because I read that it had the least amount of Orange peel effect). So far it has been pretty good, and my Pre is scratchless.

Random heat-ups – Why?

I have noticed that sometimes the back of the phone gets really warm. It has happened numerous times over the past month, but it isn’t a deal breaker, just annoying.

Sprint – Good service, bad customer service reps.

The other side of this equation for me was the carrier, Sprint. I would like to say that I like them as much as I like the Pre, but so far that’s not the case. I have had numerous problems when interacting with Sprint, including almost bait-and-switch sales tactic and clueless customer care representative. Number porting was a pain as the representative ended up changing my brother’s phone number instead of mine while making my phone unusable (family plan). I had to finally contact Sprint customer retention folks to get the numbers straightened out in a timely fashion.

Once I got over the initial problems, one of which I gave up on, things got smoother. I have been getting service in most of the places that I have been, and the 3G speeds have been satisfactory. Sprint recently started the Any Mobile, Anytime program, which I think is pretty cool and might actually help lower my monthly cost. Overall the service is good, but I am certainly dreading the next time that I will have to talk to customer service. I loved T-Mobile’s customer service by the way 🙂