"Something went wrong" dialog

I was recently installing Office 365 Pro Plus on a new PC when I unintentionally accepted a restart prompt from another program resulting in the computer restarting. After the computer booted back up I tried to restart the Office install, but it kept refusing saying that “Office can’t do that right now because your product is busy with another task. Please wait for this task to complete and try again.”

I waited for a bit, but nothing new showed up in the start menu and no interesting processes were running in the background. Quick search on the internet didn’t turn up anything useful either. After playing around for a bit I figured out how to fix this issue. To fix it I had to have the installer do an online repair. Here is how to do that…

Office repair options window
  1. Go to the “Add/Remove Programs” panel
  2. Click on the Office entry and then click change in the toolbar.
  3. Finally select “Online Repair” and click Repair. This will restart the Office installer and complete the installation. In my case “Quick Repair” did not fix it.
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