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Testing Fax Machine

I recently had to help someone setup an HP fax machine. Previously I would have looked around for someone with a fax machine so I could test out both the sending and the receiving functionality, but as I was reading through the manual I noticed that HP actually has a service that you can use!

You basically send a fax to this number and after five minutes it responds back with another fax to the same number with confirmation that it received the fax. This is a great tool if you ever have to setup a fax machine. Checkout more info on this HP support page.

Vista SP2 and UltraMon

So, with Service Pack 2 beta installed on my Windows Vista x64 machine Windows Explorer would crash every time I would mouse over a program entry in the taskbar. After a few crashes I noticed that UltraMon was causing this behavior (even with the smart taskbar disabled). I was running UltraMon 3.0.2 and checking on UltraMon’s site I noticed that they had 3.0.3 beta available. So, I upgraded to that and now the crashes are gone. Hopefully this will save you some time in case if you have UltraMon installed and are trying out SP2 beta. Other than this issue everything else seems pretty good (I have only used it for a few hours now).

Vista Service Pack 2

Upgraded the tablet to Vista Service Pack 2 Beta, let’s see how this goes. So far things are pretty good (the hard disk seems to be quieter, but that might just be psychological).

Windows Vista Service Pack 2

Using custom settings in django tests

I have been learning about django over the past two weeks or so. I am finally up to the point where I have started learning about its suggested test frameworks. The creators suggest using unittest, which is the standard python unit testing framework. I have liked this aspect of django: even though the core framework was built from ground up, many of its pieces still rely on standard python libraries.

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