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Wake-on-LAN for WebOS now available in Palm App Catalog

I just got a confirmation that Wake-on-LAN for WebOS has been accepted in the official app catalog. You should be able to install it from there now.

Wake-on-LAN for WebOS update

Personally I have moved on to Android based cell phone from WebOS/Palm Pre, but I am still trying to keep my Wake-on-LAN (WOL) for WebOS application up to date. Previously it was based on a Java service, which isn’t compatible with WebOS 2.0. So, I have recently rewritten the backend WOL service be a node.js based service that is compatible with WebOS 2.0. Unfortunately, I am facing a few issues with the new model that I have started working through on the Palm Developer forums. Chime in if you can! 🙂

I am hoping to publish this as a free app on the market once I get some of these kinks worked out. Also, source code for this app is now available on google code.

Wake on LAN for webOS updated

I just published an updated version of the Wake on LAN (WoL) client for webOS (Palm Pre and Pixi). The latest version supports specifying a custom hostname and port, which means that now you can send WoL packages from to a remote network.

Main screen of the updated version, note the host name and port under the MAC address. Screenshot of the new fields. Preware screen showing the updates.

James Knowles (please see the about screen for contact info) contributed the initial UI changes for specifying a hostname. I added some more information and added the ability to specify a custom port (which required a service update).

To get these changes please update to/install the latest version of the service and UI using Preware.

Wake-on-LAN for WebOS (Palm Pre)

I recently published the Wake-on-LAN client for webOS (used by Palm Pre and Pixi) and finally got a chance to create a video showing how it works. You can see it below. I had to write a Java dbus service to accomplish this functionality so, unfortunately, this won’t be showing up in the Palm app catalog, but you can install it using Preware. For more information checkout the WoL project page.

Browser in Palm webOS 1.2 now gets 1/100 on acid3

Finally, the webOS browser’s javascript engine gets 1 mark in the acid3 test. Previously the acid3 would completely bomb out and exclaim “JS?” 🙂

Acid3 results in the browser that was part of webOS 1.1 Acid3 results in the browser that is part of the new webOS 1.2. A 1 point improvement :)

Palm [Pre] webOS 1.2 has been released

In case if you haven’t seen it yet, Palm released the webOS 1.2 earlier today. For a complete list of changes checkout the official Palm blog post or the PreCentral post (official list of changes from the support site). Here are a few things that I am looking forward to (as I wait for Pre to upgrade) 🙂

  • The browser now supports downloading files from a web page. To download a file, tap the file name.
  • The browser now supports paragraph selection, cut, copy, and paste on web page text. A yellow highlight appears to indicate paragraph selection.
  • Contact entries in the call log now show both the phone number and type.
  • You can now tap a phone number in a calendar note to dial it.
  • You can press and hold the orange key/Option and tap a link or image. Options displayed include opening the item in a new card, sharing the link or image via email, or copying the URL. For images in JPG, BMP, or PNG format, an additional option to copy the image to the Photo app is displayed.
  • If you tap on a text field, the page zooms to a level at which it is easy to read the text being entered.
  • Notification sounds play softly when you are on a call, regardless of the system sounds setting.

Below is one that I am not so sure about.

  • When you press and hold the orange key/Option and drag onscreen, the cursor now moves one word at a time instead of one character at time in Email, Memos, and other apps. The cursor still moves one character at a time in the Web address bar and Messaging body text entry field.

Let’s see how it turns out 🙂

Apple iPhone or the Palm Pre? Maybe the HTC Hero (T-Mobile MyTouch)?

I have been using the HTC Tytn for almost two years and my contract with my current carrier, T-mobile, expired in December. At the time the main options that I was considering were the Apple iPhone, T-mobile G1 or the HTC Touch Diamond. The HTC Touch phones run Windows Mobile (WinMo) and I wasn’t particularly excited because I have been using a WinMo 6 phone for a while. It gets the job done, but isn’t pretty or “finger-friendly.” The G1’s operating system was new, but the hardware wasn’t particularly exciting. Just when I was starting to seriously explore the iPhone, Palm announced the Pre. Looking at the initial videos of the Pre I decided to wait for it. Well, finally the Pre has been out for a month and it is about time for me to decide.

Palm Pre iPhone 3GS

Here is what I am looking for in my next phone…

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