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Random Slowdown of Browsers in OS X Mountain Lion

Recently I noticed a random slowdown of browsing speed. I first thought that it was my browser, Google Chrome, that was the culprit. So, I switch to Safari, but that behaved similarly. I switched to Firefox, which, at first, seemed to be much faster, but after a bit of use it started slowing down randomly.

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Quick tip: Opening last window in Chrome

My main browser is Firefox, but I like Chrome’s short startup time and general javascript speed. Here is a useful tip if you use Chrome. Chrome doesn’t ask for confirmation if you close a window with multiple tabs. Don’t worry, it is very easy to bring those back. To bring the last session press CTRL+SHIFT+T simultaneously and your last window will popup.

This is also true across sessions, i.e. if you completely close Chrome or after you restart. In these cases open a new Chrome window, then press this combination and you will get another window with your last set of tabs.