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Presenting at TechNow09 tomorrow

Tomorrow is the TechNow09 event happening in Royal Oak, MI. ShopFiber is one of the companies presenting. We will be doing a short skit about what ShopFiber is and how it can help the average consumer shopping for electronics. I will be playing the role of “Bob,” an average consumer and Jake will be playing the role of “Neo,” a gadget lover. We are hoping that this will be a very entertaining way to showcase ShopFiber. There is a plan to broadcast the event on ustream and I will post a link once the setup is finalized. I will tweet the link as soon as I find out, so follow me on twitter if you would like to watch the live stream.

I am planning on being there for most of the time after the main event so come and say hi if you have a chance.

Site Design Changed

New, simple site design

As part of my rebranding I have redesigned my personal website. As you might have noticed a little while back, I changed my twitter name from “@thebitguru” to @farhanahmad. This redesign is the next step as I become Farhan Ahmad from thebitguru 🙂 Why? you ask. Well, it is a little weird when you go to events and people recognize thebitguru, but don’t know who “Farhan Ahmad” is. I will still keep the domain name, but my name will be more prominent from now on.

For now I went for a simple design, no fancy graphics. My goal is to make minor changes as I get more time. Also, I am now publishing my twitter updates on the site.

Hopefully you like what you see 🙂 Enjoy!

FOWA is almost here!


Future of Web Apps – Miami 09 is almost here. Both Jake Lumetta and I are planning on attending. In addition to the conference, we decided to attend the Miami barcamp on Sunday February 22nd. So, let me know if you will be at either of these events. You can also follow me on twitter (@farhanahmad).

After the cold temperatures that we have lately had (<30, generally around 20s) in Madison (WI) I am really looking forward to the warmer Miami weather (65! :))

Business Cards

First version of our business cards 🙂 What do you think?

My ShopFiber business card :)