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How to try out macOS Mojave without messing with your primary install

I am generally excited to try out new software.  This was the case when Apple announced the public betas for macOS Mojave recently.  I was excited to try out the public beta, but I didn’t want to mess with my primary setup.  Unfortunately, my older spare MacBook Pro is no longer supported by Mojave so my only option was using my primary MacBook Pro, which was a little scary.  After looking around for a little bit, I learned that I could install Mojave on a new partition without messing much with the existing install.

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Wow, a swelled MacBook Pro battery

The batter after I disconnected it.

A few days ago I noticed that the trackpad on my older (mid-2010 model) MacBook Pro was a little “raised.” Not making a big deal of it I started using it, but after using it for half an hour I noticed it actually started rising. At that point I knew that something was not right. So I quickly unplugged it, turned it off and opened the bottom plate to see what may be going on. I was really surprised to see that the battery had bloated and was almost twice the size that it should have been.

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Starting Countdown

The Apple Invitation

OK, one more Apple event scheduled for October 22nd. I am really hoping that we’ll have new MacBook Pros announced this time. New iPads are pretty much guaranteed, but come on Apple, I want to upgrade my MBP (need Haswell)!

Hoping for a MacBook Pro announcement soon

OS X Mavericks

Apple has released the Golden Master OS X Mavericks to developers. I am hoping that this means that the new MacBook Pro will be released soon. I have been waiting for too long to upgrade my MBP!